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The Little Blue Rocket Ship: A Story About Postpartum Depression Book Trailer

The Little Blue Rocket Ship: A Story About Postpartum Depression Book Trailer

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The Little Blue Rocket Ship: A Story About Postpartum Depression is told by a boy who sees changes in his mom after she has a baby. As the boy explores his own feelings and questions, he is reassured by his mom’s continued love for him.


Blending together fiction storytelling with supportive communication strategies, The Little Blue Rocket Ship encourages open dialogue about postpartum depression between family members. 


Postpartum depression  “affects up to one in seven women" (March of Dimes).



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As a perinatal mental health clinician, I was so happy to discover this book. 1 in 6 women experiences postpartum depression/anxiety and there are not nearly enough resources out there, especially for second time moms concerned about how another potential bout of depression/anxiety might impact her family. This is a lovely resource to assist parents in starting conversations with their young children about how things might go after a new sibling arrives. It gets ahead of any confusion and anxiety that might occur if mom does go through a rough patch postpartum and reassures both children and adults that things will be okay. 

From the writing to the illustration, this book is great. It is a gem of a book for someone that wants to approach postpartum depression with a child. It breaks taboos and opens up about how to discuss it strategically.

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It’s confusing enough for a kid to have a new baby in the family — and has Mom gone scary AWOL? This book helps you have a reassuring yet honest conversation with a small child about postpartum depression. Great resource! So much needed.

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